aerospace industry

Canada’s aerospace industry is solid and constantly evolving with a long history of innovation and success throughout the world.
Canada is a global market leader in the production of regional aircraft, avionics, business jets, commercial helicopters, aircraft engines, flight simulators, landing systems, space systems and of course Maintenance Repair and Overhaul Expertise.  Also, more recently, world-leading aerospace companies from all over the world choose Canada to perform their manufacturing and research and development.

The aerospace industry is a very important contributor to the Canadian economy in terms of employment, innovation, productivity, R&D, GDP and trade.
73% of the industry’s activity is dedicated to manufacturing while Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul (MRO) service providers represent 27%.
Canada ranks third in terms of global civil aircraft production activity.The forecasts are showing an enormous potential growth which will outpace the global market growth.

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"When we adopted a reliability-based maintenance approach in 2005, at that time we were to use two software applications, one of which was INTERAL. Today, we have been able to save thousands of dollars uniquely because of INTERAL’s evolution, which has enabled us to integrate all of the maintenance functions and applications, such as our conditional, preventive and corrective maintenance programs, and improvements, with a software application that’s very user-friendly which allows our employees to learn easily and stay efficient, and with applications that allow us to optimize our spare parts inventory by more than 30%".

-  Michel Fortin, maintenance and reliability manager at the Allan Candy Company