Interal procurement


One of the features most appreciated in our purchasing management software is the customizable dashboard that allows the user to quickly have an idea of the requisitions and purchase orders in progress, on hold, etc. 

INTERAL procurement allows the creation of a dashboard that empowers the user to have a quick overview of all procurement actions and transactions.
Each procurement officer can create his or her own personalized dashboard or your can have the CPO (Chief Procurement Officer) create them for the employees in charge of procurement. It will make the life of the procurement officer a lot easier by allowing to quickly find important information.
It is an essential tool for anyone who wants to see all the data that helps them make informed decisions or act quickly when they detect a situation requiring rapid intervention.

Efficiently display your information

For example, the dashboard can include all the open purchase orders, requisitions, price quotations, suppliers, etc. By configuring this properly and personally, you will get a birds-eye view off all your important daily things to do or to act upon. 

Create a dashboard that is most efficient for you.

Customizable CMMS dashboard for requisitions and purchase orders