Interal procurement

Employee Identification

Good employee management is important, if not crucial, for any company. Your employees are a vital part of the company and are a big investment in your companies' future.

It is therefore logic that all pertinant information is stored in an employee file which contains all important information such as; full personal information, vacation days, work schedule, which factory or equipment he/she is dedicated to, his or her job function, salary information, hiring date, birthday, punch information, bank account information, his or her permission level, time bank, acces levels to Interal software such as InteralWeb or Kompanion! and much more, such as;

  • Employee identification according to unique identification number

  • Possibility of enabling and disabling employee files

  • Possibility of using biometric signature identification (fingerprints)

  • Personal data input (address, SSN, email, ect.)

 CMMS Employee file management

 Corporate Characteristic Management

  • Schedules affected directly to an employee or to a work group.
  • Note tab in employee file, allowing to take notes concerning the employee
  • Other information (hiring date, seniority, bank account, login entry, ect.)
  • Punch number independent from employee number (possibility of quickly giving a new punch number)
  • Starting salary data input and automatic calculating of average salary
  • Unlimited data input of salary class that can be affected to employee groups
  • Possibility of specifying a supervisor for each employee (allows scheduling management by supervisor)

Vacation and Holiday Management

  • Designation of vacation days in the calendar as well as paid and taken vacation days
  • Independent vacation and holiday management
  • Holiday import from employee index list
  • Number of authorized vacation days for each employee

Access Authorization Management

  • Administrator can affect one or many access groups to the system