Interal maintenance
CMMS Maintenance Management Software

Maintenance Management Software

INTERAL Maintenance is a world class high-performance and user-friendly computerized maintenance manager (CMMS), with a superior user interface.

Developed by interal, the software meets the needs of today's managers and offers many options to comply with various requirements imposed by the different ergonomics of work.
For the user, the accuracy and consistency of information on equipment maintenance, buildings, vehicles and control instruments will be of great help. For the technician, tools both of great simplicity and adapted to the ergonomics of work, allow him to document his work easily. For the manager, the monitoring of financial implications of repairs, and this throughout the year, will prove a valuable asset.

Be it a building, a mine, a factory or processing plant, the assets of the company are the basis of the performance and profitability and needs to be maintained on a constant basis to ensure long term durability and smooth operation without unexpected breakdowns or stoppages.

Interal understands the reality of companies and other organizations, realizing fully that the stakeholders work is not limited to the use of this software. That is why we put all our efforts to provide our software with the most powerful features to simplify the work of administrators and technicians to make their work more efficient and enjoyable.