Interal procurement

Purchase Orders

A PO (purchase order) is an official document issued by a buyer to a seller. Within it, parts/products, quantities and prices for parts, products or services are defined. 

It's main objective is to control the purchasing of parts, products or services from various external suppliers.

With the acceptance of a purchase order by the seller a contract is formed between the buyer and the seller. No contract exists until the purchase order is accepted.

INTERAL Procurement allows you to quickly and efficiently manage purchase orders sent to suppliers. INTERAL Procurement reduces substantially the amount of data input by completing the part and supplier information directly from their respective files.

INTERAL Procurement purchase orders include most of the necessary information for the supplier as well as for internal procedures for order receipts. 

Quickly and efficiently manage purchase orders

The purchase order file allows you to input specific information for each order item or for the purchase order in general. This information is found in the purchase order's header and footer.

CMMS Purchase order

INTERAL Procurement also manages order receipts and invoices, as well as normalization, if applicable in your procedures.