Interal time and attendance management


Our CMMS allows managers to create multiple schedules to reflect the company's reality.

It's possible to configure as many schedules as necessary and to apply one to each employee or employee group depending on their work schedules.


CMMS work schedule planner

INTERAL's versatility allows users to configure work schedules with the following characteristics:

  • Variable number of days: According to work conventions, it is as easy to configure and manage an eight-hour daily of weekly schedule as it is a rotating schedule over a period of days or weeks.
  • Overtime: INTERAL calculates overtime for a day or a week according to predetermined models.
  • Bonuses: Many types of bonuses can be configured and added to the pay according to pre-established criteria.
  • Grace periods: INTERAL simplifies the task of the personnel in charge of the pay by working with exceptions. Punch in and out times are rounded according to a predefined set of rules so that only the punches that fall out of these rules are highlighted